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Definitions:"We", "us", "our", "the Company", "FE" refers Fare Exchange Network Ltd "You", "your" refers to the customer making the booking"PHO" refers to the Private Hire Operator affiliated with fare Exchange Network Ltd "PHD" refers to the person driving on behalf of the Private Hire Operator"PHV" Public Hire Vehicle"PCO" Public Carriage Office

Warranty to us
By confirming that you wish to book a cab through this web site or mobile application(s), you agree to pay the full cost of the journey, and agree to the terms and conditions set out below.It is important that you read through the terms and conditions carefully, if you do not agree to accept the following terms, you should not use the website.We reserve the right to change these terms and conditions at any time, and you are advised to review the terms regularly, to ensure that you are up to date with any changes.

This website is to be used as a booking site for Private Hire Operators (PHO's), and by confirming a booking you are subject to the individual PHO's Terms and Conditions.

To make a booking and to become a registered user, you must complete a simple registration form, which can be carried out at the time of your initial booking.

Making a booking
When you request a booking you will receive an email; this will contain your booking information. The booking is not confirmed until the PHO confirms your booking request by telephone (Please ensure your mobile number is correct at time of booking). If your booking is successful, the driver will carry out your booking at the agreed time and location. If a driver is not available at the requested time of booking, the booking will not be carried out. If your booking request is unsuccessful, it may be due to the time requested, and so it is advisable to try again specifying a later time, whenever possible.

It is your responsibility to ensure that your registration and booking details are entered correctly. Upon completion of your booking request, we advise you to check the confirmation email to ensure that your booking details are correct. If you notice an error, you must contact the PHO via the contact number provided in the confirmation email. We will not be held liable for any errors made when entering your registration and booking details and you will be charged for the full amount if the booking is not completed as a result.

Planning a journey
It is your responsibility to plan your journey accurately, allowing sufficient time to reach a destination, particularly when checking in for a flight, catching a train, or arriving in time for any other scheduled appointment. We will not be held accountable for any delays which may occur during transit, so it is important that you check your route before booking, and consider the time of travel and length of journey. The PHO will also call you to confirm your booking details and further advice can be obtained at this point.

Cost of a journey
The quote displayed during the booking process is the full and actual cost of the journey requested, including pick-up, drop-off, via's, 15 minutes waiting time, and any special requirements you requested at the time of booking. The fare quoted does not include parking fees (with the exception Airport parking), and you must therefore notify us upon booking of any parking restrictions.
Once your booking is confirmed by the PHO you will be given the following forms of payment:
Cash:By selecting cash, you agree to pay the driver the full cost of the fare in cash, at the end of the journey, including any additional costs incurred due to adjustments made to the booking.

Amending a booking
Amendments to a journey must be communicated when the PHO telephone confirmation is done at least 24 hours prior to the pre-agreed pick-up time. Such amendments include stop offs/via's, waiting time, parking, and any special requirements, including extra baggage, child seats etc, wheelchair access etc.

Cancelling a booking
We or the PHO reserve the right to cancel a booking, whether or not payment has been received and given that there is a reasonable amount of time, by giving notice of non-acceptance over the telephone or via email.

Standard parking and waiting times
The price quoted at the time of booking includes up to 15 minutes waiting time. If no contact is made between you and the driver within 15 minutes of the pickup time, the driver will be at liberty to abandon the journey.If you anticipate there being a delay greater than 15 minutes, you should contact your driver direct via the contact number provided in the confirmation email.For Waiting times greater than 15 minutes may incur additional charges, which will be charged at the driver's discretion, and must be paid in cash at the end of the journey.The fare quoted does not include parking fees, and you must therefore notify us upon booking of any parking restrictions.

Airport parking and waiting time
The price quoted at the time of booking includes parking and waiting time of up to 1 hour, from the time of landing. Waiting time fees will apply after 1 hour, and will be charged by the PHD. Your confirmation email will display the PHO's contact number, and it is advisable to contact them directly if you suspect there to be long delays, greater than 1 hour.
Additional fees for parking and waiting time will be charged by the PHO, and must be paid in cash, in full, at the end of the journey.

Public Hire Operator's (PHO's)
Fare Exchange Network Ltd works with PHO's to provide Public Hire Vehicle's (PHV's). All PHO's undergo a vetting procedure, to ensure the company is compliant with the Public Carriage Office (PCO) rules and regulations for PHO's working within Greater London, and local Borough rules and regulations for PHO's working outside of London.
We cannot guarantee the quality and condition of the vehicle, as it is controlled by the PHO.
If the PHO cannot complete a confirmed booking, where possible they will endeavour to find a replacement vehicle or PHO to help you.
To obtain your PHO's contact number, to discuss their terms and conditions or a query relating to your booking, you will need to refer to your booking confirmation phone call and email.

We sub-contract work to third parties (PHO's), and will not be held liable for the acts, errors, breaches, negligence, omissions, representations of it's supplier, as well as personal injuries, death, property damage, or any other damages, expenses caused by the supplier.We will not be held liable for any loss caused by any failure to our server, system, website, or any other related technology, which is beyond reasonable control of Fare Exchange.

By accepting a booking, you hereby indemnify us, together with its officers, agents, sub-contractors, subsidiaries and employees, and hold them harmless against all loss, damage, demands, legal and professional expenses, costs, and liabilities, caused by the contractor (PHO), carrying out your journey.

Force Majeure
Neither party (Fare Exchange and PHO) shall be held liable in damages for any delay or default in performance, if such delay or default is caused by conditions beyond its control, including but not limited to Acts of God, Government restrictions, wars and/or any other restriction caused beyond the reasonable control of the party.

Using the website
By using this website and it’s systems you agree:To be at least 18 years of age and legally able to make a booking.
To not misuse, tamper, hack into, circumvent security, or disrupt any part of the website and related systems.
To not misuse the website by knowingly introducing viruses, worms, Trojon horses or any other material which may be technological harmful.
To accept that your computer is compatible with this site, and that you are solely responsible for ensuring that you computer meets all relevant technical specifications necessary for using this site.
That we will not be held liable if for any reason the website is unavailable for any period of time or if any web site errors occur.

Law & Jurisdiction
This agreement will be governed by and construed in accordance with the Laws of England and Wales. Any dispute which may arise will be determined by the England and Wales Courts and parties, and you hereby submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the England and Wales Courts for such purpose.

All contents of this web site, including the website, mobile applications, and software are copyright 2013, Fare Exchange Network Ltd reserves all rights.